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Piccari Leather - 22mm


As bold in their appearance as they are detailed, our Piccari leather straps are hand-crafted in Italy and perfectly capture the spirit of our Rapide Collection.
  • Standard
  • Dress Clasp
  • Piccari
  • Produced in Italy, our hand-made Piccari leather is one of the best materials that can be used in a strap. Durable and supple, each strap is distinctive for a series of holes perforated into its semi-matte surface that reveal a textured layer underneath.

    The only hint of the strap's wholly red underside is indicated by its red edges, while white stitching - applied by hand to its top and bottom - emphasises its shape. Quick release pins supply additional functionality, while an engraved dress clasp completes the package.
  • Width: 22mm
  • Length: 124mm + 82mm
  • Material: Piccari leather
  • Buckle: 316L steel
  • Italian hand-crafted Piccari leather strap
  • Marine-grade steel dress clasp
  • Quick-release pins for easy changing