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Countdown to a Marathon debut

With her favourite events unavailable at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Sammi is preparing to go long distance…


Sammi Kinghorn is double world champion as a sprinter but has to step up in distance to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in April 2018. It is quite a daunting step up…

My favoured events are not included in the para athletics programme in next year’s Commonwealth Games and I also need to compete up a disability class as the events are T54 1500m and marathon. I have raced 1500m twice this year and set personal bests each time but it is not a distance that I race much over. I have never undertaken a marathon and recently raced the Great North Run which is a half marathon. I set a personal best of nearly eight minutes there is 52.47.

Preparation time for the marathon has been short as the World Championships were in July and then I had a couple of weeks off just to let it all settle down and sink in after becoming double gold medallist. I have had a minor niggle to contend with over the last little while and that has curtailed my training a little. Our target has always been to complete the distance in under 2 hours which I am confident of doing, I just don’t know if I can stay focussed for that length of time as normally my races are over in a matter of seconds!

The plan is to race the Great Scottish 10k before flying out to the USA. My coach and I will travel down to train with the main US racers based at the University of Illinois before travelling up to Chicago to race on 8th October. It is my one shot at marathon qualification for the Gold Coast so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I have no idea what to expect as it will be a new experience. I have viewed the course on video and it looks quite flat apart from an uphill finish. I am told Chicago is very windy at times which doesn’t help in wheelchair racing but it should be warmer than it is in Scotland at this time of year.

All in all it is an exciting new venture for me but one which will present a challenge and a bit of a step into the unknown. I hope that during the race I will be able to work with one or more athletes, there is nothing worse than having to do all the work on your own when out there for that length of time. Wish me luck!!

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