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Bronze Collection


Even before mankind began exploring below the ocean’s surface, we’ve been fascinated by what we might find. The 19th century saw initial ventures into a seemingly alien world, with early dive equipment being manufactured from, amongst others, bronze. Christopher Ward’s Bronze Collection pays tribute to a material omnipresent throughout nautical and dive history; renowned not only for its anti-corrosive properties, but has made a splash throughout the world of watchmaking thanks to its ability to develop its own unique aged look, or ‘patina’.



Bronze Collection
  • C65 Trident Bronze Ombré COSC Limited Edition

    Combining the anti-corrosive and patinating qualities of bronze with the slim and effortless aesthetic of dive watches championed by the likes of Sean Connery during the mid ‘60s period, the C65 Trident Bronze Ombré COSC Limited Edition then adds a hand-scratched dial and a chronometer-certified movement into the equation. With just 500 made, it’s a rare beauty.
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    3 Strap Options