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Lunar Module

Few things have captured the curiosity of humankind quite like the Moon. From the early astronomers who observed its cycles through to the Russian and American attempts to transport a human to its surface during the mid 20th century, the first Moon landing on July 20 1969 marked a seminal point in humanity’s progress. As we approach the 50th anniversary of that iconic moment, what better way could there be to commemorate its legacy than the creation of the C1 Moonglow, containing our in-house moonphase modification Calibre JJ04?

Lunar Collection
  • C1 Moonglow

    It may be part of our premium dress watch family, but the C1 Moonglow is quite unlike anything else in the collection. The technical brilliance of Calibre JJ04, our in-house moonphase modification, is complemented by a blend of smoked glass and ultra-bright Super-LumiNova, moving the Moonglow into a modern territory that few other moonphase watches dare to occupy.
    1 Face Option
    2 Strap Options
  • C1 Grand Malvern Moonphase

    Taking the moonphase, one of the most traditional complications in watchmaking, and injecting it with the new design language of our premium dress collection, the C1 Grand Malvern Moonphase is a triumph of engineering and style.
    2 Face Options
    4 Strap Options