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‘How to’ videos

Whether you use it to track the time back home whilst on a business trip, or to complement your attire for the day, your watch says more about you than you might think. In our new ‘How To’ video series, we answer a number of commonly asked questions, ranging from looking after your CW correctly to making the most of its tech and features.

How to: Clean your watch

All watches need a little love and care to keep them at their best. This video documents the best way to clean yours.

How to: Clean and take care
of your Bronze watch

Bronze watches are distinctive for developing an aged look, or ‘patina’, over time. Here’s how you can return yours back to its original, or ‘raw’, state.


How to: Use a diving watch

Believe it or not, some people do actually wear their dive watch underwater! This video explains how our Trident range’s unidirectional bezel should be used correctly during a dive.

How to: Use the GMT function

With a fourth hand read in conjunction with a 24-hour bezel, GMT watches are the perfect ally for those time zone-hopping business trips. Here’s how to set yours correctly.


How to: Powering up a mechanical watch

In this video, we detail the difference between hand-wound and automatic movements, and how you can keep yours ticking away.

How to: Change a watch strap
or bracelet

A new bracelet or strap is the easiest way to refresh the look of your watch. With quick-release systems included on our new models, here’s how you can swap over to a new bracelet or strap.