Piccolo 2 Watch Winder

Watch winder   Black carbon  
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If you don’t wear your automatic watch for long periods the oils lubricating the movement aren’t dispersed properly and (just as with a car) this can impact performance.. That’s where watch winders come in.

The Piccolo watch winder will power your timepiece while it’s off your wrist. And because it’s part of a modular system – one winder will power another three – your watches should never run out of steam.

Warning! This particular model doesn’t come with a power adapter and is aimed only at those who’ve already got an adapter.


  • Product Type Watch winder
  • Colour Black carbon
  • Height 12.8cm
  • Width 10cm
  • Length 14.7cm
  • Weight 0.5kg
  • Country of Origin China


  • Watch winder for one automatic watch
  • Green LED indicates operating status
  • Three rotation programmes:
  • Rotation to the right, the left or alternating
  • Four interval programmes:
  • a) Rotation for 33 seconds followed by 12 minutes rest
  • b) Rotation for 10 minutes followed by 90 minutes rest
  • c) Rotation for 30 minutes followed by 3 hours rest