C60 Sapphire

The C60 Sapphire: the difference is clear

Engineered for the deep – with a dial that aims for the stars.

You never forget the first time you see the C60 Sapphire.

Its dial is made from pure sapphire, machined to just 0.6mm. This lets you see into the workings of the Swiss automatic movement from the front – and through the exhibition caseback.

But sapphire isn’t just beautiful to look at. It’s also highly transparent and incredibly tough – in fact, it’s the third-strongest mineral in the world. So that when you put the C60 Sapphire through its paces, it won’t crack under pressure.

And as a professional-grade dive watch, it’s able to function at depths of 600m.

Which means whether you’re exploring the deep or just going for a stroll, you’ll be wearing a watch that’s in a league of its own – clearly.

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What the press say

A Blog to Watch

“With the C60 Sapphire, Christopher Ward continues to dance to the beat of its own stylistic drum, creating a distinctive diver that sets itself well apart from other offerings.”


“Simple, strong, packed with flair: even if you’re not planning to swim deep any time soon, this is an absolutely beautiful timepiece.”


“The C60 Sapphire is water-resistant to 600 metres, while its glossy sapphire dial adds interest and luxury.”


“This watch is a stunner, no doubt about it. Take the price point into consideration, and it’s really a no-brainer.”


“If you want your watch to have truly unique elements, the Sapphire is the one you’ve been waiting for.”


“One of only a handful of watches with a transparent case back designed to go so deep.”

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40mm   Blue   Automatic   Blue hybrid  
40mm   Blue   Automatic   Blue orange hybrid  
40mm   Blue   Automatic   Brushed steel  
The blue of the sapphire dial contrasts with the 40mm marine-grade steel case
The lines of the light-catcher™ case make the watch look sleeker
The exhibition caseback gives you another view into the movement
The indexes are covered in Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C1 for visibility in low light
A closer look reveals the movement’s date wheel through the sapphire dial
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