At Christopher Ward, we love those who share our underdog spirit: the doers, the daredevils and the downright determined.

Jamie Maddison

And our Challenger programme is our way of helping people with exceptional talent, but less-than-exceptional bank balances. Whether they’re musicians, athletes or explorers, we’ve got their back.

Since its inception, the programme has helped to create four world champions and one Olympic gold medallist (step forward Henley’s Will Satch).

One recipient is ultra-runner Jamie Maddison, who cites his most gruelling challenge as a 70-mile run across the Saryesik-Atyrau desert – completed in just 30 hours.

“Over the past few years, Christopher Ward has backed me on my trips – both with equipment and funding,” he says. “This has allowed me to pursue my most exciting expeditions and adventures. I’m so thankful.”

A titanium crystal bar

“This is not your typical ‘brand ambassador’ programme, we set it up for altruistic reasons not as a marketing exercise.”

- Mike France co-founder

Jody Fannin

Another pioneer who’s been helped by the Challenger programme is racing driver and winner of the European Le Mans Series, 2017, Jody Fannin.

“During my time as a CW Challenger, I received financial assistance to help me with my racing, and also PR support to raise my profile,” he says. “My latest (and favourite) CW watch is the C65 Black Gold, which carries the colours of the ‘John Player’ Lotus F1 car of the 1970s. It’s so cool!”

Sammi Kinghorn

For Christopher Ward co-founder, Mike France, the Challenger programme is a symbol of everything the business stands for.

“This is not your typical ‘brand ambassador’ programme,” he says. “We set it up for altruistic reasons not as a marketing exercise. These people, whether it’s elite wheelchair athlete Sammi Kinghorn – now a world-record holder! – or sailor Lizzy Foreman, represent the spirit we identify with. To see them triumph, partly as a result of our help, is enormously satisfying.”

Could you qualify for funding through the Christopher Ward Challenger programme?
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