What is the 60|60 Guarantee?
It’s our industry-leading guarantee programme. You can read about it here.

Are there any discount codes available?
You’ll find our current discount and vouchers code via our email and social media. Sign up to receive our emails in the footer below and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We don’t offer one-off, group or repeat purchase discounts.

What size leather strap or steel bracelet should I choose?

Standard-sized straps fit the majority of people, and steel or mesh bracelets can be resized to suit most wrists. And thanks to our ingenious quick-release mechanism, changing a Christopher Ward strap is child’s play.

If you want to be sure that your bracelet fits straight out of the box, follow the steps below to measure your wrist:

– Wrap a piece of paper or string around your wrist. At the point of overlap make a mark with a pen
– Measure the length of paper to the marked point.

Then, just before adding the product to your basket, choose 'Bracelet Resize' and select your wrist size from the list. 

Check out our ‘How to change a watch strap’ video here.

What does ‘pre-order’ mean?
It means that this watch isn’t ready yet and is still under construction at our atelier in Switzerland. The ‘pre-order date’ is the date we expect it to be ready to ship to customers.

NB: If you order a pre-order watch, we will not charge credit card payments until it’s ready to be shipped. For payments by PayPal, the funds will be taken immediately.

Can I part-exchange my watch?
We don’t offer a part-exchange service. Sorry.

Do you offer interest-free finance?
Yes, provided you’re a UK resident and your order is for £500 or above. You can apply on our website by following the usual watch product selection and checkout process.

How do I return a watch to you?
We take returns via post only – we have no facility at 1, Park Street for managing returns. Information about how to return a watch is here.

Do you have a list of stockists?
We only sell directly through this website. But you can arrange a visit to our showroom in Maidenhead where you’ll be able to buy our watches.