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Introducing the C63 Sealander collection, the go-anywhere, do-everything watches you’ve been waiting for

The story of Sealander

How a love of affair with sports-explorer watches led to the launch of a brand-new collection
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Featured watches

39mm   Black   Automatic   Black Red #tide ocean material®  
40mm   Black   Automatic   Titanium Bracelet  
40mm   Black   Automatic   Black Orange Hybrid Rubber  
39mm   White   Automatic GMT   Camel Vintage Oak Leather  

A simple aim...

To put premium watches within the reach of everyone

Designed in England
Made in Switzerland

Honest pricing,
fair margins

60 day free returns
60 month movement guarantee

How we do this
Loupe magazine

They called them
the wild Rovers…

How Arkonik takes old Land Rovers – and refurbs them beautifully for the 2020s

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C60 Sapphire

Clearly brilliant

An ingeniously transparent sapphire dial – that lets you see deep into the watch.
A mechanical movement that’s as beautiful as it is accurate. And the most comfortable case in watchmaking

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What the press
say about us

“Christopher Ward ought to be more of
a thorn in the side of Swiss brands that charge £5,000 for watches costing low hundreds of pounds to make.”
Rob Corder

“With a reputation for quality watchmaking at an accessible price, Christopher Ward has launched a new line of watches (Sealander collection) designed to be worn every day
for any occasion.”
Tracey Llewellyn

“In the world of haute horology,
a handful of watchmakers have done some intriguing things, but in the realm of affordable watches only Christopher Ward has tackled this challenge.”