The third instalment of
the Portrait Of Humanity book series shows a world living through extraordinary circumstances – and putting brave face on it

In a year when everyone stayed in, it’s life-affirming to see images of people defiantly looking outward. That’s the first impression of Portrait Of Humanity Vol 3, a book of portraits taken by different photographers around the world during 2020.

While the previous two instalments showed homo sapiens in all its strange beauty (and we are a very weird species), the pandemic provided a unique once-in-lifetime backdrop.

With 200 portraits featured, the book takes us on a multi-faceted, multi-cultural tour across the world. From child workers in Ghana to tattooed grandads in Bangkok; Finnish ecologists to new-born babies in Oxford, all human life is here. Often, because this is 2020 we’re talking about, wearing a mask.

But for writer Otegha Uwagba, who provides the book’s introduction, the Covid-19 pandemic makes the pictures even more poignant. She says: “Though this has undoubtedly been a year that many would rather forget, we must not forget it – because look closely at the images that follow, and you will see that they capture humanity in all its multifaceted beauty and fragility.”

Portrait Of Humanity, Vol 3 is published by Hoxton Mini Press, priced £22.95/$31.95/€27.95

Top: My Mother Next to Me by Marco Carmignan, Vicenza, Italy
Above: Wanda by Zuzanna Szamocka, Warsaw, Poland
Lilly and Waltraud by Mirja Maria Thiel, Travemünde, Germany
David and Alex by Lidia Sharapova, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Oscar Pandiño by Carlos
Saavedra, Soacha, Colombia
Womanhood Academy by Wendy Carrig, London, UK
Protestors by Virginia Hines,
San Francisco, California, USA