#tide ocean material®

22mm   Black Red   #tide ocean material®   316L Steel  
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The tide is turning

The ocean’s plastic problem

Only seven percent of the world’s plastic is recycled. Currently, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our seas. Globally, 100,000 marine mammals die every year because of plastic pollution. This is unsustainable.

Addressing the

If plastic is the problem, #tide is the solution. #tide is a social business with one simple goal: to create useful products from ocean-bound plastic. #tide gives plastic waste a value.

Fishing for plastic

#tide pays the semi-nomadic Moken people in the Andaman Sea to gather plastic from the ocean, while also organising beach clean-ups and collaborations with social enterprises.


The recovered plastic is sorted, washed, shredded and shipped – in a carbon-neutral way – to the Swiss University of Applied Sciences where it’s turned into #tide yarn – a high-quality polyester textile.

Sustainable and stylish

The #tide strap is made entirely from #tide yarn. And while its eco credentials are second to none, the strap’s flexibility, strength and good looks make it the perfect partner for your watch.

Weaving magic
from waste

Step forward the ultra-stylish #tide ocean material® strap, created in partnership with the Swiss company #tide – and made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. If you like swapping straps and bracelets as much as we do, its quick-release mechanism will make doing so a dream.


  • Strap Size 22mm
  • Strap Material #tide ocean material®
  • Strap Colour Black Red
  • Back Colour Black
  • Buckle Material 316L Steel
  • Strap Buckle Type Steel dress clasp
  • Buckle Colour Silver
  • Length 206mm


  • Eco-friendly #tide ocean material® strap
  • Brushed marine-grade stainless steel dress clasp with 'Christopher Ward' engraving
  • Quick-release pins for easy changing