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Titanium bracelet - Three-fold deployment clasp - 22mm

Bracelet for Elite 1000 watches

An all-new bracelet developed for the titanium models of our C60 Elite family, this Grade 2 titanium model features a fully brushed finish and an innovative quick-release system that makes fitting and removal a job that takes just seconds.
  • Standard
  • Micro Adjustment Clasp
  • Bracelet
  • Have you ever wanted to fit a fresh new strap onto your watch, but decided against as it was attached to a bracelet and you didn't want to risk scratching its lugs? With a new quick-release system introduced as part of this model, the anxiety induced by reaching for that springbar tool is now a thing of the past.

    Designed specifically to accompany the C60 Elite 1000 and C60 Trident Elite 1000 (plus any future Elite models that could be on the way...), this bracelet is constructed from Grade 2 titanium and comes complete with a matching brushed finish. Its deployment clasp also comes complete with a micro-adjustment system, meaning its wearer can make small adjustments on the go. Whether it's being worn over a wetsuit or offering a more formal last-minute alternative when required, this bracelet is the an ever-ready partner for the Elite series.
  • Width: 22mm
  • Length: 170mm
  • Weight: 56g
  • Bracelet and clasp material: Grade 2 titanium
  • Brushed Grade 2 titanium bracelet
  • Three-fold deployment clasp with micro adjustment
  • Quick-release system for easy changing