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Watch Words


The following pages are a glossary of terms associated with horology, watches and watchmaking. Please click on one of the links or glossary terms below to learn more about them. Most of the terms are enhanced with detailed imagery. If you would like us to list any other words that you think may be helpful, please contact me direct We will update the glossary frequently.


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David Aldous, USA






To minimise friction, the hardened steel tips of a movement’s rotating gear wheels (called pinions) are lodged in synthetic rubies (fashioned as polished stones with a hole) and lubricated with a very thin layer of special oil. These synthetic rubies are produced in exactly the same way as sapphire crystal using the same material. The movement of a quality watch has between 15 and 21 jewels.

Below: CW’s C8 Regulator UNITAS 6498 movement with six of its 17 Jewels highlighted.

Jewels from C8 Regulator



Jumping Hour

Feature concerning the digital display of time in a window. The indication changes almost instantaneously at every hour.

Below: The Mark II version of CW’s C9 Harrison Jumping Hour watch, created by Master Watchmaker Johannes Jahnke.

C9 Harrison Jumping Hour


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