C60 Trident Pro 600

$560 - $617.50
If there’s one watch that sums the Christopher Ward story, it’s this. With influences from the great dive watches of the past, it’s now become an icon in its own right. If you want a watch that looks good in every situation, the C60 Trident Pro 600 is for you. Seriously.
4 Face Options
10 Strap Options
38mm and 43mm

The C60 Trident Pro 600 range

    • Bracelet
    • Size
      • 38mm
    • Specialist
    • Size
      • 38mm
    • Leather
    • Size
      • 38mm


C60 Trident Pro 600 4.9/5(98 Reviews)
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  • Review by Lester 11/21/2016
    An outstanding watch at an outstanding price

    This is a seriously impressive watch and I have been delighted ever since receiving it. It sits beautifully on my wrist (38mm) and keeps excellent time. It is also sleek enough to sit under my cuff, meaning I can wear it for formal and informal occasions. I highly recommend it,... Read More

  • Review by Strutter 10/7/2016
    Stunning watch

    This is an amazing watch. Stunning in fact. This is my first 'luxury' watch, but i did my homework before purchasing this. I wanted to keep it British, but I also liked their Ethos, in that you don't have to spend big money to get am amazing time piece. It's incredibly well... Read More

  • Review by @WatchesFromThe6ix 10/3/2016
    Vintage Done Right

    We recently acquired the 38mm vintage Pro 600 and wow, what a watch! The fit and finish of the case is clean and quality is great. The Swiss automatic movement is accurate offering us +-5 seconds per day. It is what we expected for our second Trident Pro 600. On this piece,... Read More

  • Review by Jerry 7/12/2016
    an excellent watch

    I like it

  • Review by RichardP 7/7/2016
    Great watch 42m

    I picked mine up as a nearly new from a chap selling it as an unwanted gift. It took a while for the vintage design to grow on me and I found myself reverting to the 300 quartz I have. However, the design has now thoroughly grown on me perhaps because it is not a tribute type... Read More

  • Review by AT 6/29/2016
    Big Birthday

    I have been keeping my eye on Christopher Ward for a few years and with a big birthday approaching took the plunge. I am delighted with the watch; it really does compare well to the "premium" brands. In fact, because it is such good value I bought 2 watches - the... Read More

  • Review by Malcolm 5/10/2016
    What a Birthday Present!

    With a milestone birthday rapidly approaching, I decided to treat myself to a new watch and with a particular model in mind headed to Christopher Ward's showroom to make my purchase. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Declan, who showed me a vast array of watches, including the one... Read More

  • Review by SK 4/24/2016
    Average Quality

    The Quality is ok but could be better. Maybe it is a matter of quality control before a watch is sent to the customer. In my case the bezel did not perfectly align with the indizes on the dial it was always half a click too far or too less. Another issue for me were some... Read More

  • Review by Jerry's boys 4/16/2016
    A watch that stands on its own merit

    I have read lots of reviews that compare the Trident C60 to rolex and Omega this unfair as the C60 is a £600.00 watch being compared to a £5,000 watch and it still holds its own against the big brands when compared. I purchased 2 C60 watches as a reward to my sons for exam... Read More

  • Review by Matthew 4/15/2016
    amazing value

    I have had this watch for just over 2 months now. It has a much better build quality than I was expecting and is holding up perfectly against every day wear and tear (I'm generally quite hard on watches) it has weathered much better than some of my other more expensive watches.... Read More

  • Review by CloudFlame 4/12/2016
    Cool and Classy

    The watch has an excellent balance of cool and class. The combination of matte black and polished black surfaces gives the watch/bracelet a very nice tool look. It reminds me of various parts on a gas turbine engine, where you have both polished and brushed surfaces. The... Read More

  • Review by Jose Manuel 3/22/2016
    Amazing value

    A fascinating wristwatch. Balanced, nice, own character. And very cheap, yes! because a wristwatch with this quality cannot cost so little. Mine run in +4 1/2 sg per day I own several Swiss time machines, well known brands. this Trident has nothing to envy Very happy to... Read More

  • Review by lei 3/17/2016

    Mommy never have to worry I will wear a watch swimming flooded

  • Review by Herranttonen 3/9/2016
    Am in love

    The watch is simply gorgeous. It packs really good value, I have one with black dial and black face and with metal bracelet it looks way, way more expensive as it is. I really like the details in the watch, the round edges in the inner side of the clasp feel really comfortable,... Read More

  • Review by M 3/1/2016

    I find myself checking the time every few minutes just because the watch is so beautiful.

  • Review by Lee 2/29/2016
    This is a head turner!

    I now own 4 CW watches but added this to the collection just after it was released ( white face/metal bracelet ) . The weight...feel and look is high end quality. Everytime I wear it it gets complimented. I own an Omega speedmaster as well...and at times I opt to wear this one!... Read More

  • Review by Christophe 2/25/2016
    Une montre d'un rapport qualité/prix exceptionnelle !

    Cette montre est à un niveau de finition d'exception au regard du prix de vente. A part peut-être le mouvement, cette C60 Vintage est au niveau de beaucoup de modèles bien plus haut "perchés" en prix... Une grande réussite ! Et merci le service client, d'un... Read More

  • Review by Tim 2/12/2016
    Stunning bit of kit

    So, first impressions, are good ..great service quick delivery, the watch was set to the right time and date when I opened the box, and the photo's didn't do justice to just how great this watch looks.. It's fair to say that any afterthought, or niggling doubts had been put to... Read More

  • Review by Jim 2/11/2016
    Such a lovely timepiece

    The execution of this piece is done very-very well. I've had mine for a few weeks now and it's easily, amongst if not, my favourite watch. The matt black dial and bezel has quite a unique quality about it, it changes slightly depending on the light conditions which I really... Read More

  • Review by James 2/2/2016
    A good quality watch, but......

    There's no doubt, this is a fine watch, however the photo's show quite a dark black bezel and face, yet in reality it's much lighter. To me, it appears to be on the grey side which changes the aesthetic of the watch. That being said it's still a worthwhile piece.

  • Review by Rog 1/30/2016

    I get nothing but compliments on this watch from anyone who notices it. Especially at work where others are wearing high end watches, this CWL model stands with the best. I wear it everyday and couldn't be happier. Will be purchasing another CWL watch very soon.

  • Review by Audenis Pierre 1/17/2016

    My C60 TRIDENT PRO 600 - Vintage Editions received in December 2015 is absolutely perfect! only 6 seconds offset (+) per day, it is absolutely beautiful and very reliable .... The reception of the watch by the Post Office has put no problems: the packaging was perfect! I can... Read More

  • Review by Ezio 1/3/2016
    Superb Watch and Customer Care

    Christopher Ward is an outstanding Swiss Made Watch and Company. They make heirloom pieces and this one is no exception. The fit and finish on this watch is outstanding. The combination of the brushed and polished stainless steel on the case and bracelet is perfect. The black... Read More

  • Review by John 1/2/2016
    Outstanding value

    If this watch was sitting in a high street window, it would command, perhaps, twice the price. The build quality is exceptional; the finish a joy to behold. How CW does it for the price is beyond me but proves it can be done. This watch easily compares to the big name Swiss... Read More

  • Review by Stephan 1/1/2016
    More than I expected

    I can quickly start by saying that no picture in the world can show how nice this watch is, I think you think looks amazing in pictures trust me you'll like this watch even more when you see it. The lume is excellent, The movement is just as expected, the box is an excellent... Read More

  • Review by Rob 12/31/2015
    Brilliant product - UNBEATABLE customers service!

    My wife bought me this for Xmas, but unfortunately there was a delivery issue with Royal Mail meaning it would not arrive in time. As a result, Christopher Ward offered to courier up ANOTHER watch to arrive on xmas eve (which it did). They simply asked us to return the other... Read More

  • Review by DUKE 12/30/2015

    I received the Trident C60 Vintage a week ago and it has met and exceeded my expectations. The quality and workmanship easily rival watches 2-3 times the price I paid. Accuracy is very good for a stock movement. Now it would be icing on the cake and worth the premium price if... Read More

  • Review by Lee 12/26/2015
    stunning watch

    Just had this as a Christmas present and I have to say it looks even better than it does in the pictures truly a stunning watch, the black leather strap goes perfectly with the black face and ceramic bezel . This is a must buy watch at any price !!! well done Christopher Ward

  • Review by Peter68 12/25/2015
    Nice watch!

    It was very difficult to choose which Trident Pro I should buy. Christopher Ward makes so many configurations. My first choice was a red bezel with black dial, but my wife suggested the black bezel with black dial. My wife won ... Now I'm wearing it, after all I think that you... Read More

  • Review by Cap&Judy 12/25/2015
    A Great Diver For Daily Wear

    For my purposes this watch is perfect. It looks much better than pictures portray. As noted, this watch is best suited for daily wear as the lume is only fiair which does not matter to me. It is rather understated for a dive style watch as the bezel is a matt black and the 38 mm... Read More

  • Review by Roy 12/24/2015
    Wow What service

    I ordered my C60 Trident Pro 600 42mm at 12:30 on 22/12/15 fully expecting to wait till end of January to receive it as the web site said out of stock. At 8:00 on 24/12/15 (Christmas Eve!) it's here. The finish, the fit and the quality is all I'd hoped for and more. I'd been... Read More

  • Review by Jimmy Lu 12/22/2015
    Another Ward Winner to rave about!!

    Beautiful execution of the already proven Trident. The perfect case size and quality materials combine to make this new model equal to the best of the luxury Dive watch genre. It will meet all your expectation!!!

  • Review by Gavin 12/10/2015
    Fantastic watch and outstanding service!

    Visited Christopher Ward in Maidenhead and was seen by Declan - a very nice chap. He made me feel at home and his knowledge was second to none. Absolutely fabulous service and would definitely recommend - I love my watch and will definitely be recommending CW to everyone. Great... Read More

  • Review by Steve 12/5/2015
    Lovely watch

    I have other watches in my collection that cost a lot more than this did, however I must say the quality is second to none. The 42mm case is a perfect size, it has plenty of presence on this wrist without being oversized. I've owned the previous version of the Trident, it was... Read More

  • Review by Frank 12/3/2015
    Superb watch!

    I've owned several Christopher Ward watches over the years, but this new C60 Trident Pro 600 is the true cream of the crop. The watch looks and feels like it should cost several thousand dollars. The quality is just out of this world for the price. I love all the changes to... Read More

  • Review by Andrew 11/28/2015
    Shame on rolex omega etc..

    I dont normally feel compelled to write reviews but this is an exeption I am happy to make, bought this watch on the strength of a previous C.W. purchase & being a bit of a nut about time pieces I must say WOW , the fit , finish, & overall quality leave the likes of... Read More

  • Review by blue eyes 11/25/2015
    Trident pro 600

    I took delivery of my engraved watch with brown vintage strap. I have been promising myself a Chris Ward watch for ages....wow what a timepiece!!!

  • Review by Glenn 11/12/2015

    You have surprised me once again, this is my 3rd Chris Ward Watch and what a beauty I cannot express how impressed I am with this " Black Beauty" incredible quality and value the ceramic finish and feel of this watch is that of watches priced thousands of dollars more.... Read More

  • Review by Nick 11/9/2015
    Easy to read!

    I have a number of CW watches and I love them all but I have always hankered after a Trident as I believe that first and foremost the purpose of a watch is tell the time. The face of the Trident Pro (in blue or black especially) is very easy to read, even in poor light, so it... Read More

  • Review by Boyley 10/24/2015
    Fantastic watch

    If you think this watch looks good in the photos (that was how it caught my eye) then wait until you get hold of it for real. I decided to treat myself to the C60 Trident having been so pleased with the C70 VW4 COSC which was given to me last year for a special birthday. The C60... Read More

  • Review by David 10/22/2015
    Incredible Watch

    I visited the Park Street Showroom in Maidenhead and bought a 42mm C60 Trident Pro 600m Automatic. The service I received was excellent, I saw a number of different styles and colours and went for this one on the leather. I have worked in the watch industry before and worn... Read More

  • Review by Orestis 10/22/2015
    C60 Trident Pro 600 - 38mm

    After two weeks, I received the watch (at last). I purchased it on 9th October and the delay was because of problems in Swiss customs(the site didn't write pre-order, so I assumed that it was directly available). Unfortunately, for that delay, the CW didn't gave me a gift (for... Read More

  • Review by Alex 10/16/2015
    Top Class Vintage C60 Trident

    First of all I would like to say how impressed I was with the customer service at Christopher Ward it is most definitely second to none. My Fiancee bought me this watch as a gift but originally ordered the wrong model and thanks to the fantastic 60/60 guarantee and the... Read More

  • Review by Fabrice 10/16/2015
    C60 Vintage

    Probably equivalent to the best known luxury brands in terms of quality and finish , waterproof to 600m, this watch has a refined aesthetic and a real identity..This version of the C60 is perfect for me . 5 stars.

  • Review by Walker75le 10/11/2015
    Brilliant new Vintage C60 Trident Pro 600

    Just received my new Vintage finish Trident C60 Pro. I have got to say that the Matt ceramic bezel, with aged lume effect and light brown finish soft leather strap all combine to make for a really great Trident. The quality and finish is to the same high standards found in all... Read More

  • Review by Tom 10/8/2015
    another winner from Ch Ward

    Hi, I'm Tom and I have an addiction to Christopher Ward watches. This is my third watch and it is just as no ice, if not a little better quality than the first two (GMT and CSOC Trident 1) Love the watch and the quality. Keep up the good work. I have my next two picked... Read More

  • Review by Sean 10/8/2015
    top quality without the high price tag

    I own many brands of watch Omega Seamaster, Tudor Heritage Black Bay and my CW trident is easily on a par with them. A great addition to my collection, maybe even my favourite, in my opinion the best looking. Christopher Ward keep up the good work!

  • Review by jimmy L 10/7/2015
    Impressed by my first Trident purchase!!

    I have some good quality watches in my collection and now have my first Trident from Christopher Ward. I appreciate the great quality and value of this timepiece. I think the watch would be almost perfect if it had screw links instead of pins for adjustment. Even without the... Read More

  • Review by Rick 10/1/2015
    Outstanding Looks and Value

    A nice sized watch at the more classic 38mm. Because of the ceramic bezel, it appears slightly larger, more like a 40mm. The curved horns provide a nice fit and the upgrade to the Baden clasp is well worth the $30. Looks good at both the office and in more casual settings. ... Read More

  • Review by Bas 9/27/2015
    Value for money!

    I bought this watch on the basis that this was the best value for money swiss watch available on the market. I also considered Squale and even a vintage seamaster before purchasing this. But decided on CW due to the long guarantee and I really liked the look of the ceramic... Read More

  • Review by Richard 8/22/2015
    Tremendous look and quality!!

    The look, size and feel has relegated my Rolex watches to the trading block. This is a stand alone , clean and modern look with beautiful finish work. I just ordered a black alligator bader deployment strap which should also be a great addition to the beautiful metal band which... Read More

  • Review by goldtoothjacko 8/22/2015
    Don't think twice... just get one!

    After owning a Sub that I took 30 years to save for, I had to sell it and buy a cheaper (in price) time piece. The website does not do this watch enough justice. It is truly magnificent and incredibly well made. It is my favourite watch and I am going to be honest and say I... Read More

  • Review by Tony 8/21/2015
    Never out of its depth

    Before you buy this watch look at the Rolex Submariner. The finish and quality holds its own to this Ikon which sells fo £5700.00. I own not a few watches and my Chris Ward watches are as good as models costing many times more

  • Review by goldtoothjacko 8/16/2015
    Don't think twice... just get one!

    After owning a Sub that I took 30 years to save for, I had to sell it and buy a cheaper (in price) time piece. The website does not do this watch enough justice. It is truly magnificent and incredibly well made. It is my favourite watch and I am going to be honest and say I... Read More

  • Review by MJH 8/13/2015
    Fabulous watch

    My new Trident arrived a couple of weeks ago. First impression was shock as to the size and weight of it, but the quality was unmistakeable. I have worn a quartz TAG Aquaracer for 20 years, which is smaller and much lighter, but after getting the bracelet sized locally, I am... Read More

  • Review by Fred 8/8/2015
    Level of quality is amazing

    I received my C60 Trident and am blown away by the quality of the watch. This watch surpases my more expensive Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300m Auto in looks, the amazing bezel, and leather strap ( I got mine with the Bader deployment clasp). Overall quality is equal or better than my... Read More

  • Review by John 8/2/2015
    An excellent, great looking timepiece

    I own several watches including a Rolex Submariner and a Tag Heuristic Aquaracer and apart from being able to adjust the Rolex bracelet with screws ( a moot point really as CW adjusted my bracelet perfectly) I would say my Trident is at least equal in quality to my Submariner... Read More

  • Review by Adrian 7/30/2015
    Just Get One of These

    Having just received my Trident Pro 600 all I can say is Wow! The quality and appearance far exceed the price. The watch is a complete eye catcher on the wrist. I put off buying one of these for quite some time. Take it from me this is a classy and practical watch.Just buy... Read More

  • Review by Tim 7/26/2015
    A Classic timepiece - proud to wear.

    My C60 Trident Pro 600 arrived on Saturday morning. What a superb experience opening this parcel. Like many I do love my watches, from Hublot to Brietlings, but when I opened this beautifully crafted presention box to see the Pro 600 I was very impressed indeed. The watch oozes... Read More

  • Review by The Don 7/21/2015
    Solid watch, great customer service

    I bought this watch to replace a Breitling Chronomat which was stolen a few years ago. It's always chancy buying online when you don't have a chance to get your hands on the goods and no opportunity to see it in the flesh and get a feel for the heft of the thing. As someone with... Read More

  • Review by CraigT82 7/15/2015
    Superb finish on these watches

    I've had the C60 Trident Pro (the older 300m version) for nearly two years now, it's my only watch and it's worn every day. I also work with my hands quite a lot so it's been bashed about a bit but the watch looks like it did when I bought it - the glass, black bezel and... Read More

  • Review by Cameron 7/9/2015
    C60-42-AUTO-SKRT with alligator and bader upgrade

    Just received my new C60 Trident watch after having mulled over this purchase for some time now. I own two of the older Trident models. I was in fact torn between purchasing a dark red bezel Tudor Black Bay or the CW Trident C60 , This indecision was mostly thanks to the... Read More

  • Review by Bruce 6/24/2015
    A refined and elegant workhorse

    I've been close to buying a Trident for a couple years. It was only after C. Ward did the re-design did the draw become irresistible. I've been wearing my 38 mm Trident Pro 600 for a few weeks strait. I think it is a phenomenal watch. I love the upgraded case, bezel, lume,... Read More

  • Review by Jonathan 6/11/2015
    C60 Trident Pro - 42mm

    This is my first automatic and I agonised long and hard over which watch to buy. I'm really glad I found this and bought it. The quality for the money is remarkable. Even a friend with an Omega was impressed and was heading off to the website to check things out! Highly... Read More

  • Review by Tropwendrawde 6/5/2015
    Fantastic time piece.

    As the title suggests, this is a fantastic time piece. The feel, finish and weight of the watch oozes quality. Certainly on a par with far more expensive watches. A true rarity to find something so exquisite and luxurious, but at the same time good value for money.

  • Review by Michael 5/26/2015
    Very Impressed!!

    This was my first purchase from CW. It will certainly NOT be my last. Everything went as advertised. The watch shipped in one business day and arrived here in the Colonies a week later. I needed to have the watch resized and it fits perfectly. The value and the service are... Read More

  • Review by Simon 5/18/2015
    Classy timepiece

    Lovely watch which looks the match of many more expensive brands. My new favorite CW watch!

  • Review by Jez 5/6/2015
    Lovely watch, excellent customer service

    I bought this to replace my ageing Omega Seamaster which seems to have spent half of its life being serviced at ridiculous cost with typical ‘turn around’ times of 3-4 months and unhelpful customer service. This, my first Chris Ward, is a breath of fresh air. The quality... Read More

  • Review by BJH 5/1/2015

    This is my second purchase from Christopher Ward (already a proud owner of the C9 Big day Date) and again I was amazed by the quality of this time piece. I have a few Swiss watches which my wife is very familiar with and ‘on seeing this watch for the first time remarked’ so... Read More

  • Review by MP 4/25/2015
    Cut Price Quality

    I have two CW watches from their early days which are fine and worth what they cost. CW have quite rightly increased prices and the improvement in quality shows. This watch feels and looks very expensive especially compared to the Omega Seamaster I own. It is a pleasure to wear... Read More

  • Review by albionprs 4/17/2015
    Woo what a beauty

    This is now my seven CW watch and quality is out of this world for such a minimum price. At least it is on an even par as an Omega Seamaster (I can say that because I've got one).All my other CW watches are of a high standard, but they have raised the bar with this one 10/10

  • Review by Starfish 4/13/2015
    Awesome watch

    Can't tell you how happy I am with this watch, I went to every local watch shop looking for a watch around this price and was a little worried about buying one online without seeing it in person. I could not be happier with the quality of it, it looks and feels like watches... Read More

  • Review by Robin 4/1/2015
    A definite increase in quality

    This new Trident appears to be a definite upgrade in quality, compared to the previous Trident. Luminous paint on the hands and hour markers is stronger. The bezel action seems better/firmer. The screw down crown winds back down much smoother. I prefer the new deeper etched... Read More

  • Review by USA Gent 3/24/2015

    What a beautiful timepiece, fits and feels like it should cost much more. My preference has always been uncompromising good looks combined with a great watch and Christopher Ward has done that with style with the new Trident Pro.

  • Review by TheHowell 3/20/2015
    Great Watch

    I received my 38mm C60 yesterday and it is a beautiful watch - even better than I anticipated. The new ceramic bezel was worth the wait and the superluminova on the hands and hour markers lasts for 8+hours. One minor nit: I really don't like the wave pattern on the face. It... Read More

  • Review by Bobble 3/17/2015

    Great watch at any price

  • Review by thirdbase24 3/14/2015
    Well done, CW. Well done.

    I am an original C60 owner (300m auto) so was very sceptical when I saw the price increase. But I 'broken down' and upgraded. And holy cow, it was worth it. This is seriously on par with big brand $3000 watches. Every time I put it on I realize that I will never again spend... Read More

  • Review by Vincent de FRESQUET 3/5/2015
    Tip Top

    I love this new C60. It's a great watch and very beautifull evolution.

  • Review by JJ 2/22/2015
    New Trident!

    Just took delivery of my new Trident C60 pro600 42mm white face steel bracelet. Very impressed with the weight and quality overall. I'll be sure to buy more Chris Ward watches in the future! Well done.

  • Review by Horseman 2/17/2015
    At last an affordable high specification luxury timepiece

    I have been a dedicated follower of quartz movement digital watches since the early 90's.partly due to my financial constraints. That said a meandering stirring developed within me the first time I clasped my eyes upon the sweeping seconds hand of a quality swiss movement, as I... Read More

  • Review by Ashley 2/14/2015
    Fantastic Quality and Value

    Having been looking to buy an automatic Swiss watch for some time I came across CW whilst browsing various forums. I have tried many "high end" watches on the high street, but was struggling with spending £3k on a watch. I was a little sceptical about these watches... Read More

  • Review by steve1978 2/4/2015
    So pleased!

    I was sceptical at first and worried the quality wouldn’t be there for this money but boy am i pleased. Super quality watch. I got the 2014 c60 trident pro so a different design and the build quality is out of this world. I was looking at getting an established brand dive... Read More

  • Review by TooManyWatches 1/26/2015
    Damn you Christopher Ward!

    Just when I thought I had completed my collection....you go and do this. This is a beautiful looking watch and a nice improvement on the previous Trident. Again, the quality is excellent and, in my opinion, this more than holds it own against the equivalent Omega for instance (I... Read More

  • Review by Andy 9/21/2014
    Brilliant watch

    I have had this watch now for over a month and I absolutely love it. The pictures don't do it justice. I have a small wrist so it's the perfect size. Will definitely consider buying another CW watch in future.

  • Review by stokey 9/19/2014
    Amazing value!

    As a owner of several top end watches, Rolex , Omega, Tag, your product was recommended by a CW convert as an everyday watch, have checked the accuracy against my Rolex and your product is matching it , amazing for a watch at this price point! ? Great size for smaller wrists... Read More

  • Review by theaub 8/15/2014
    Superb smaller version of C60

    I previously owned the classic CW C60, which I adored, but found it a little too big for me at 42mm and for my 7 inch wrist. This model, at 38mm, both looks and fits much better; it is also that much lighter too, so feels less bulky and chunky. As with the C60, the quality is... Read More

  • Review by MALCOLM 7/12/2014

    As soon as I put this watch on I understood why previous purchasers are so happy with it .Cannot really add more about the quality and service that has not already been written in past reviews but if I somehow lost this watch I would order another without hesitation.My wrist... Read More

  • Review by Gavin 7/5/2014
    Simply a Beautiful Watch

    A beautiful watch, beautifully crafted and looks great. Everything about it exudes quality, yet being 38mm I love it's almost understated manner. Being a one-watch man, I wanted a watch for all occasions and all, well almost all, activities and the C61 gave me that in a size... Read More

  • Review by Marc 6/12/2014
    A sound investment

    I cannot stress enough how good the C61 looks on the wrist. Apart from the gorgeous design, the quality and finish of this watch is superb. Many thanks to the guys at CW for the excellent customer service too,

  • Review by Nigel 5/25/2014
    A Quality Time Piece

    I own three CW watches. I wanted a smaller dive watch in addition to my very fine 42 ml C60. This came along in the equally good looking 38 ml C61. It has an understated yet eye catching quality which competes with any much pricier watch brand. As with my other watches - one... Read More

  • Review by Michael 2/15/2014
    Nice watch but has it's flaws

    Received my C61 4 days ago and have been wearing it exclusively since then (I tend to swap watches every day or so) and I really like the size and presence of the watch on my wrist. Workmanship is very good and it looks like a much more expensive watch in my opinion. I didn't... Read More

  • Review by PMB 2/11/2014

    Pictures don't do this watch justice. It is truly a beautifully designed watch. It is the perfect size for those who don't prefer that massive divers. Christopher Ward delivers a stunning watch with high quality that surpasses the price tag.

  • Review by MikeH 12/31/2013
    Very, very nice.

    Bought for the wife for Christmas. Needless to say, she loves it. It's light enough for her and fits her wrist properly. Very nice fit and finish. Beautiful timepiece. I really love the second hand movement. Very nice. The still pictures don't do this watch justice.

  • Review by Great Buy 12/26/2013

    Incredible watch! CW is one of the few companies out there that realize the potential in catering to the mid size market for men and women who prefer a watch that's just a bit smaller. 10/10 Would purchase ANY future CW watch that is 38-40mm.

  • Review by Sngtrkwr 12/17/2013
    Outstanding quality and value!

    I was looking for a classic diver style watch that wouldn't break the bank but would be a quality watch. This fits the bill perfectly. In fact, the quality is way beyond what I was expecting. It is absolutely beautiful to look at and wears well with any style dress, suit, jeans,... Read More

  • Review by GSC 11/24/2013
    Quite superb.

    I have had the watch for a month (my 6th CW) and have worn it every day at work, to the States, to Karate and even to meet a Princess! It always looks good with jeans or dinner jacket, not too big just classy. The reason I have written this review is that I have just tested the... Read More

  • Review by Tuan 10/11/2013
    Worth the wait and worth every penny!

    This diver watch is such a beautiful watch. It arrived after nearly a month on back order. The customer service by Christopher Ward is nothing but phenomenal. I've been looking for a diver watch that was high quality and was the right size for my wrist. 38mm diver watch size is... Read More

  • Review by steve 9/28/2013
    First impressions

    Just received my new C61 after waiting for the 38mm model and ......I love it. Took my Rolex Yachtmaster off to wear this watch! I have seen other reviews where the reviewer has stated that you have to see the watch in the flesh to appreciate it and it's true. Fantastic, stylish... Read More

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