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Limited editions
  • C8 'Al Deere' TMB Limited Edition

    An aviation watch whose every detail has been designed and engineered to fully enhance the provenance of the historical material inside, this 100-piece limited edition contains metal from the Royce Merlin engine fitted to Supermarine Spitfire X4276. Flown by revered RAF ace 'Al' Deere until its crash in December 1940, the C8 celebrates two iconic characters in RAF history as we reach its centenary.
    1 Face Option
    1 Strap Option
    Hand Wound
  • C9 Me 109 SPC

    A 100 piece limited edition and only the second watch to carry Calibre JJ02 – our single pusher chronograph, and undoubtedly the most advanced complication we offer – the C9 Me 109 SPC is a watch born from the moment the editor of Pilot Magazine unexpectedly produced a vintage German Junghans clock from his bag during a business lunch with one CW co-founder at a Berkshire airfield.
    1 Face Option
    1 Strap Option