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Jamie Maddison

In the run-up to Christmas, we caught up with six people close to the brand to find out how they’ll be spending the holidays. Then the team got together to nominate the current CW model they feel would best suit each as a Christmas present. First up, adventurer Jamie Maddison…

Adventurer, climber and competitive club runner Jamie Maddison is one of the most intriguing of our Christopher Ward Challengers – and why? Because we’re never quite sure what he’ll be up to next. Jamie’s obsessed with central Asia – and the adventures of British explorers in the first half of the 20th century particularly – and tends to organise increasingly ambitious personal challenges in ever more remote regions of the old Soviet Union. One time he ran six-and-a-half marathons in eight days in Uzbekistan’s Red Sands Desert; another year his team summited three peaks in Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Mountains of Heaven’.

Nothing so bold is planned for this winter, however. Up until Christmas Eve he’ll be with his wife in London, but then she’ll be jetting off to Miami to see her folks, while he’ll make his way to the family home in Gloucestershire to spend Christmas with his mum, step-dad and brother. “Luckily, I’ve booked off quite a bit of time from my day job,” he says, “so I’m going to be spending much of it taking countryside walks in the Cotswolds. For me, Christmas will count as a success if I manage to win the traditional family charades competition!”


One of the best presents I ever got was from my aunt: a Montblanc pen for the Christmas of my 18th birthday. I took it to university, and it’s stayed with me ever since, first as a climbing journalist, and more recently working in marketing in London.”

Jamie Maddison

This is a gang that goes big with the presents, not so much in terms of cost – we’re mostly talking chocolates and the like – but certainly quantity. They make sure to fill each family member’s stocking to the brim. “When they’re all opened, you can’t see the floor for wrapping paper,” Jamie says. “One of the best presents I ever got was from my aunt: a Montblanc pen for the Christmas of my 18th birthday. I took it to university, and it’s stayed with me ever since, first as a climbing journalist, and more recently working in marketing in London.”

Jamie actually stopped running following his last expedition with Christopher Ward, in which he’d covered 70 miles of desert in 30 hours. “I’d been running almost daily for three years at that point,” he says, “and it was all a bit much. But you don’t need to be able to run to explore – I just take my time these days! I’d also avoid dieting in the past (I was always very strict, and keen to keep the weight off) but now I'm much easier on myself – and for the first time I’ve actually become a gym goer. I’m so busy, it’s the only time I find to exercise.”

One thing he continues to do, though, is wear his C60 Trident on most ‘normal’ days. That said, he’s now got a penchant for a vintage watch too: occasionally you’ll find him sporting an old Smiths Empire on an expanding bracelet, and he recently had a Solomax trench watch from the 1920s restored too. “When I’m not wearing my Trident, I like to indulge in a bit of nostalgia for times gone by,” he says. “But whenever I leave the country or head into the outdoors, it’s always my CW.”

Indeed, he wore it at his wedding – and on his honeymoon too. “I actually came off a bike on my honeymoon, and landed watch-first on the concrete,” he says. “The crystal didn’t scratch, but the bezel got a bit dented. I was devastated. Half an hour later, someone else at the resort did the same thing – and broke her wrist. My wife told me this was a ‘see, things could be worse’ scenario – then was shocked when I said I’d take the broken wrist over the dented bezel any day!”


Jamie’s no longer the serious runner that he once was, but instead is thriving in his day-to-day environment, writing up business insights for a finance company called iwoca, plus helping his brother out with a company he’s just started, Ontologik. What he remains, however, is a committed explorer, so instead of full-on training he’ll be spending most of this winter planning his 2020 expedition. He’s keeping tight lipped on exactly what it will be at the moment – but it’s a big one, so watch this space.


C1 Moonglow

Like the discoveries documented in faded history books, modern explorer Jamie Maddison’s expeditions have a classical appeal to them: think crossing remote deserts on foot, or searching for artefacts in Central Asia (in fact, he may just be the British equivalent of Indiana Jones!). Spending so much time outside, exposed to the elements, there was a particularly fitting choice to gift Jamie: the C1 Moonglow. Not only will its highly luminescent moons remain legible throughout those nights on the Tajiki plains, but its ability to track the phase of the Moon draws from the same old-school romanticism as Jamie’s quests.

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