Duties and Taxes

Taxes and duties are calculated according to your shipping destination and are itemised, where relevant on your order summary.

We ship to countries within the EU on a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) basis which means all relevant local taxes and import duties are included in the price you pay, and you will not be responsible for any other charges. If you are requested to pay any supplementary charges, please contact our customer services team who will assist you with this matter and, if necessary, reimburse any extra charges to you.

UK and EU

    For countries within the UK and the EU all our prices are shown inclusive of VAT. For the EU we operate a standardised euro pricing structure, with any variation in the VAT applicable between member states is allowed for within the price you pay. Christopher Ward is responsible for paying the VAT collected at point of purchase to the appropriate local EU authority.


    Across our US$ currency site, product prices displayed are exclusive of customs duties and sales taxes.

    Local Taxes: Local sales taxes will be added as you progress through checkout, depending on whether we have reached the tax threshold whereby we are legally required to collect local sales tax.

    The states where we are required to collect sales tax are currently:
    New Jersey
    New York
    North Carolina

    If your state is not mentioned above, it either means sales tax does not apply or we have not currently reached the threshold where we are legally required to collect sales taxes. Your purchase may be subject to state use tax in these other states.

    Duties: Duties will apply where the total of an order is over US$800. We currently ship orders DAP (Duty at Port) and as a result you will be required to pay all duties and local customs charges before the product is released into your ownership.

    Please note, from time-to-time, Customs can request duties to be paid on order values beneath the $800 benchmark. Christopher Ward is unable to advise on this, for more information please consult your local customers office

Rest of the world

    For all other countries we ship DAP (Duty at Port) and all product prices displayed are exclusive of taxes and duties.

    Once your order arrives at its destination you will be required to pay all import duties, customs, and local taxes before the product is released to your ownership. For an estimate of taxes and duties on your purchase we suggest you contact your local customs office.

Social security and tax identification numbers

    In some cases, local law requires you to provide your Social Security Number or Tax Identification numbers. Where this is required DHL will be in contact with you directly. Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent this request or provide this on your behalf as it is a legal requirement.


    We cannot refund any customs duties where you refund your watch. However, DHL can. You must contact them directly to request a refund.

Service and repairs

    Repairing or servicing a watch does not incur customs duties.