At our head office in Maidenhead, England, we have a skilled in-house team who repair and service watches. Occasionally, we’ll send particular models to our Swiss atelier for their added expertise, but we’ll always inform you before doing this.

If you need to arrange a service or repair for your Christopher Ward watch please email us on the address below:

When the watch arrives at CW, we’ll email you. Once we’ve inspected it, we’ll come back with a quote. This is usually within five working days.

When you’ve approved the quote, we’ll let you know when the watch has gone in for repair.

After the repair, your watch will be sealed, and water pressure-tested. It’ll also be tested on a rate machine to make sure it’s running at the specified timing tolerances.

Finally, the watch will be put on a watch-winder for three to five days to make sure it’s running correctly.

When it’s passed the final QC (quality-control) tests, you’ll be sent an automated email informing you of this.

If your movement is faulty, and your watch was bought within the last five years, we’ll likely replace or repair the movement free of charge under our 60|60 Guarantee. We’ll confirm this when we receive your watch.

If you own a quartz watch and it’s stopped working, the battery probably needs changing. We’ll be happy to do that for you – and we’ll let you know the cost beforehand.


Why do I need to service my watch? Once a watch reaches a certain age, its lubricants can lose their viscosity, and components don’t move as freely as they should. This can cause erratic timing and, in some cases, cause the watch to stop. Sometimes, watches that seem to be broken only need a service to get them running again. We recommend servicing your watch every three to four years.

What’s included in the service? Firstly, your watch is disassembled. Then a technician will examine to ensure there are no damaged or faulty parts. All of the components are cleaned in our servicing machine to remove any dirt and old lubricants.
The components are then inspected, the movement is reassembled, and new lubricants are applied. All the gaskets are replaced. We’ll demagnetise the watch if needed – and ‘regulate’ (see below) if necessary.

How long will it take?We aim to have your watch repaired in eight to 10 weeks (four to six weeks if it’s just a battery replacement). If your watch needs to go to Switzerland for repairs, it could be 12 weeks – though this is rare. In most cases, once your watch goes into the clinic, you can expect it back within two to three weeks.

What does ‘regulation’ mean?Our tolerance is +/- 20 seconds per day for most mechanical watches (-4/+6 seconds per day for COSC-certified watches). However, in the unlikely case that your watch isn’t within these tolerances, we regulate the timing to improve its accuracy.
To keep your watch running at the desired tolerances, you should keep your watch fully charged/wound.

What’s included in a battery replacement? We will change the battery. Though this sounds simple, it’s not like replacing a regular AA battery. Aside from this, we’ll also check all of the watch's functions and – if required – reset the chronograph. We’ll also do a time check.