If there’s one model that defines Christopher Ward, it’s the C60 Trident, a classic diver’s watch that’s at home anywhere: on holiday or at work, with jeans or a suit. For most of us, most of the time, it’s all the watch we’ll ever need. Indeed, in recent years about half the watches the company sells have been Tridents of one sort or another.

The Trident. What is it? The Trident is Christopher Ward’s signature diving watch. It’s our best-selling model and is now in its third, and most ambitious, iteration. Hence the ‘3’.

Why is it so popular? Quality, adaptability and price. And of course, its timeless looks. This is a professional diving watch, and you can see that by the countdown bezel which can be used to monitor how long you can stay underwater. It’s incredibly tough, too – it has to be able to work at a depth of 600m – but is also sleek, comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you’re a suit-and-tie guy or someone who only wears jeans and T-shirts, the Trident will bring out the best in any outfit. You put it on and forget about it – until you need to find out the time.

The light-catcher™ case

The Trident 3 is a serious upgrade from the second version. How has it been improved? To call it an upgrade doesn’t do it justice. The Trident 3 is a radical rework that’s seen every part of the watch taken to the highest level. Let’s start with the case. As this is a professional diving watch, the case should have a masculine, substantial look and feel. To achieve this, senior designer Adrian Buchmann studied the way car manufacturers use design to make the chassis of SUVs appear closer to the ground. The result is a case that’s incredibly comfortable to wear, but also looks beautiful. We call it the ‘light-catcher™’ case because of the way light reflects off the brushed and polished surfaces.

The visibility has been improved, too. How? A diving watch needs ‘lume’ – luminous paint – that helps the wearer tell the time in low light. In the Trident 3, we’ve not only used the best quality lume available, but also used more of it. There’s 100 per cent more on this watch than its predecessor and, for the first time, the numbers on the bezel have also been deep-filled with lume. Something you’ll appreciate if you’re wearing the Trident in the dark: on land or deep underwater.

In the Trident 3, we’ve not only used the best quality lume available, but also used more of it

What about the dial? The dial – i.e. the face of the watch – has been completely redesigned, and meticulously polished to aid visibility. The indexes have also been raised, and have brushed top surfaces and polished facets that catch the light and contrast against the glossy dial. The ‘big triangle’ of the new hour hand is a standout feature, while the trident counterbalance on the seconds hand is another reminder of the watch’s link with the sea. All these improvements make telling the time even easier and more precise. No matter what the conditions are.

C60 Trident Pro GMT

There’s a new bezel. And its sound is very special. Tell us more A bezel – the outer disc on a watch – is a reliable indication on the quality of a diving timepiece. When you rotate the bidirectional bezel to gauge how long you can stay underwater for, the ‘click’ has to be right. We’ve engineered the click of the new bezel so it’s neither too stiff, nor too soft – but solid and secure.

Is there just one Trident 3? No, there are several, all aimed at different needs, tastes and budgets. Let’s start with the C60 Trident Pro 600, the original watch of the series. A classic diving timepiece, it combines marine-grade steel construction with a design that makes it incredibly easy to read, whether you’re exploring the deep or just taking the train to work. Because everyone has different sized wrists, the C60 Trident Pro 600 comes in three case sizes: 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm.

We’ve engineered the click of the new bezel so it’s neither too stiff, nor too soft – but solid and secure.

Tell us about some of the other Tridents in the range Away from the Pro 600, the Trident takes in a wide range of models. If you like a watch that’s able to cope with the most extreme of conditions, you’ll love the C60 Elite 1000, which is not only waterproof to one kilometre down (1,000m) but also incredibly light and durable due to its titanium construction.

For those who prefer a darker look (what’s known as ‘stealth’ in watchmaking), then the C60 Abyss may be more your taste. Another favourite is the C60 Trident GMT 600, which combines the looks and technical prowess of a dive watch with a ‘GMT’ function that lets you monitor the local time and a second time zone around the world. The best thing to do is to check the range here.

C60 Abyss

How are the Tridents powered? All the Tridents use Swiss-made self-winding movements. Using your wrist to generate energy, these ‘automatic’ calibres not only provide perpetual timekeeping (as long you wear your watch regularly) but don’t require a battery either. In the Trident range, we use both standard automatic movements, plus ultra-accurate ‘chronometers’ that have been independently tested in Switzerland for performance. All offer superb value for money and an elite level of build quality and finishing.

Where can I buy a Trident 3? Explore the Trident 3 range

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