The new C60 Sapphire


Ingeniously English. Unsurprisingly Swiss.

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They said 'what gave you the right to do this...' SH21, our in-house movement.

Our own movement

Retro or Pro?

Two dive watches. The C65 Trident Automatic is the '60s diver today's modernist. The C60 Trident Pro is a 21st-century classic. Which one's for you?

C65 Super

An ingenious mechanism resurrected. An interior bezel for a slimmer profile. And timekeeping courtesy of a handmade Swiss automatic movement.

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40.5mm   Black   Automatic   Black cordovan leather  
40mm   White/Black   Automatic   Brushed steel  
41mm   Black/White   Automatic GMT   Black orange hybrid  
40mm   Black   Automatic   Brushed steel  

A simple aim...

To put premium watches within the reach of everyone

Honest pricing, fair margins

60 days free return.
60 months movement guarantee

Made in Switzerland

How we do this

All points north

The first Christopher Ward watch with an internal compass bezel. Only on the C60 Lympstone.

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State of mind

Inspired by the Royal Marines. Approved by the MOD. Here’s how we made the C60 Lympstone.

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of (C)65

Endless research. Constant tinkering. And a lot of late nights. Journalist Ken Kessler on how we made history with the C65 Super Compressor.

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What the press say about us

“In the world of haute horology, a handful of watchmakers have done some intriguing things, but in the realm of affordable watches only Christopher Ward has tackled this challenge.”

“It’s quite a triumph for the brand to produce a sapphire-dialled watch for less than £900…The star of Christopher Ward’s recent TV advertising campaign sold out of its first run in days despite a global pandemic and lockdown.”

“The Granddaddy of affordable British Watches Christopher Ward is at it again, continuing its ever-popular Trident collection with a new GMT – and it’s about damn time, too.”