Are you an international man (or woman) of mystery? You’ll feel like one if you wear one of our ingenious Worldtimer timepieces

The C1 Worldtimer: multi-time zone ingenuity meets dress-watch sophistication

A ‘Worldtimer’? That sounds exciting. Is it like a GMT? 
Like a GMT watch, it allows the wearer to monitor more than one time zone at once. 

So, it's GMT then?
No. On a GMT watch, like the C60 Trident Pro GMT, you can tell the time in another part of the world by using the fourth ‘GMT’ hand with the outer bezel (which shows the numerals of the 24-hour clock). On a Christopher Ward’ Worldtimer’ you’re able to monitor all the world’s time zones concurrently – plus, of course, tell the time at home. Cool, no?

How does that work? 
All Christopher Ward Worldtimers carry the names of 24 cities around the outer ring of the watch. If you look closely at a Worldtimer, you’ll also notice a rotating ‘GMT’ disc on the dial, which carries the numerals of the 24-hour clock. To set the world-timer function, you rotate the disc until it matches the time in your location. Once that’s set, you’re ready to go.

On the C1 Worldglow, the world-map dial is covered in lume for visibility in low light

Can you make that a little clearer? 
Say you’re in Manchester and it’s 10am. You rotate the GMT disc until ‘10’ lines up with ‘London’ on the outer bezel. When this is done, the watch will show the correct time in 24 time zones. And because the GMT disc rotates with the progression of time, it’ll do so as long as the watch keeps ticking. Want to know the time in Hong Kong, Sydney or New York? Just look at your Worldtimer!

How many Worldtimer watches does Christopher Ward make?
Three. There’s the new C1 Worldglow, the traditionally dressy C1 Worldtimer and the retro-styled C65 GMT Worldtimer. Even though they share the same world-timer function, they’re very different watches. Which one you choose is a matter of your specific needs and personal taste.

Can you take me through them? 
Let’s start with the newest: the incredible C1 Worldglow. If you love the luminosity of the C1 Moonglow, then this is the watch for you. As well as its world-timer abilities, the indexes, numerals and ‘world’ diagram have been covered in Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 BL C1. This means when light is low, the dial’s beautifully worked world map emits a magical glow that’s akin to neon light. And thanks to its JJ03 modified movement, it’s also a certified chronometer. 

The C65 Worldtimer GMT combines ‘GMT’ and world-timing options with chic ’60s design

What about the C1 Worldtimer? 
The most formal of the three CW Worldtimers, the C1 Worldtimer also carries a world map on its dial. It too is powered by the modified JJ03 movement. However, the international cities are not on an outer bezel but printed around the outer edge of the dial. This gives the watch a more formal look – ideal if you spend a lot of time wearing a suit or prefer a more pared-down aesthetic.

And the C65 Worldtimer GMT? 
This one’s for the vintage-watch lovers. As you’d expect, the C65 Worldtimer GMT boasts world-timer functionality courtesy of the rotating GMT disc. But the international timing capabilities don’t end there. It’s also got a fourth GMT hand, which you can use in conjunction with the fixed 24-hour inner bezel. Oh, and because this is pretty much the ultimate travel/dive watch, it also delivers water-resistance to 150m. Hotel? Motel? It’s got everything you need. 

You’ve mentioned movements. What’s the score here? 
Both the C1 Worldtimer and C1 Worldglow are powered by the JJ03 movement, an in-house module added to ETA’s 2893 calibre on the C1 Worldtimer, and the Sellita SW330 on the Worldglow. Turning the crown clockwise engages the 24-hour inner disc, while rotating it anti-clockwise gives you control of the red city indicator. Meanwhile, the C65 Worldtimer is powered by one of the great GMT calibres in watchmaking, the Sellita SW330. Thanks to the ingenuity of our horologists at our atelier in Biel, Switzerland, it delivers both GMT and world-timing functionality. 

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