Hybrid Rubber Strap

22mm   Black   Hybrid Rubber   Injected Carbon  
In Stock 22-HYB-01-CXK-DC-ST
Strap Size
Strap Colour / Type
Blue hybrid rubber
Black hybrid rubber
Blue orange hybrid rubber
Black orange hybrid rubber
Black red hybrid rubber
Buckle Colour / Type
Bronze dress clasp
Black dress clasp
Steel dress clasp
Titanium dress clasp
Carbon dress clasp

Elegance under pressure


  • Strap Size 22mm
  • Strap Material Hybrid Rubber
  • Strap Colour Black
  • Back Colour Black
  • Stitching Black
  • Buckle Material Injected Carbon
  • Strap Buckle Type Carbon dress clasp
  • Buckle Colour Black


  • Dual-material waterproof strap
  • Cordura® material on top with textured rubber underside
  • Injected Carbon dress clasp with 'Christopher Ward' logo
  • Quick-release pins for easy changing

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